Lighter<br/><strong>than light</strong>

than light

I used to think that being a champion
was a matter of having.

But the more you have to carry,
the darker you see the world.

Now I know that darkness
comes from the shadow of what you have.

But it’s through what you don't have
that you can see the light.

While people struggle to have,
Champions let go.

Get rid of what you had.
Climb Higher. Ride lighter.
Pedala più leggero.

Verticale SLR.
Lighter than light.
Our lightest bike ever
Lightness must be controlled.
Making a lightweight frame is relatively simple, but making a lightweight
one with top-notch performance and riding qualities requires a strong legacy.

The Verticale SLR is the best example of what we have been, and of what we do best.
The Verticale SLR is today the best calling card for Wilier,
the new generation of the best Italian bicycle manufacturers.
Wilier Triestina S.p.A.
The frame kit weighs 9.73% less than the 0 SLR, the previous climbing model.
1623 g for Verticale, 1798 g for 0 SLR.


Get into the heart of the project with our Innovation Lab.
12 minutes to discover in detail what the genesis of Verticale SLR was and how the whole project developed.

Verticale SLR

Ascending to Victory now, your fastest climb begins with the new Verticale SLR.

Verticale SLR
Verticale SLR