Wilier's custom color configuration site, Infinitamente, is now available in the USA for the Cento1SR and Cento1 AIR models. Choose from 15 different colors to add your own unique style to your Wilier bicycle.

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Easy adjust

Wilier Triestina still insisted on a design that allowed for fine-tuning of rear wheel position and therefore of the cogset’s orientation in relation to the rear derailleur. This enables optimal wheel alignment, aerodynamic positioning and smooth shifting. Thanks to our innovative solution providing 6mm of adjustability, wheel base and distance from tire to the rear of our truncated seat tube airfoil are customizable. This enables both aerodynamic and bike handling optimizations, as well as making wheel changes fast and simple.



Wilier Monocoque System: Wilier Triestina leverages the latest in carbon monocoque technologies to eliminate vulnerable areas and create frames that are lightweight, efficient and compliant.



We’ve also leveraged LIT (Large Inflation Tube) technology in the making of the Cento1 Superleggera. Our prepreg carbons benefit from even higher and more uniform compaction through the use of industrial, high pressure bladders. The bladders expand from within the frame’s tubing, pushing against the inner walls of the tubes as the frame mould exerts opposing pressure from the outside. The combined compaction- forces result in a precision, lower-void construction and consistent wall thickness of the tubes throughout the frame’s construction. More traditional carbon manufacturing processes fail to optimally compact a composite, resulting in varied wall thicknesses, or voids (undesirable resin deposits), along a frame’s tubing that compromise structural integrity. That could translate into reduced longevity and strength. So the advantages of the Cento1 SL’s construction are obvious: increased capacity to handle stresses, optimal torsional stiffness, and unparalleled responsiveness.


asymmetric rear arms

Wilier road bikes are famous for their front ends. Our integrated head tube and fork designs equate to unrivaled steerability for confident cornering and descending. The oversized, squared profile that characterizes our fork crowns and that flows into the base of our head tubes maximizes strength and stability at a key fulcrum point.


razor edge design

The Razor Edge Design overlaps top and down tube at at the head tube to form a single, integrated and reinforced unit. Combined with the unique lines of the specially structured fork, we’ve optimized lateral stiffness and front end stability for quick accelerations as well as smooth, precise handling speed.


IC integrated cables

The brake and derailleur cables flow inside the frame. This allow the frame to be aerodynamic, protect and cover the cables

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