Supersonica SLR Custom Bar Extensions

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Variants: CARB

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    Supersonica SLR is our best time trial bike ever: the pinnacle of innovation for Wilier. That's why we want to offer you - along with the Supersonica SLR - an additional, exclusive and tailor-made service to optimise your riding position and help you achieve the best possible aerodynamic performance.

    You'll be able to customise your Supersonica SLR aerodynamic extensions with optical forearm scanning and subsequent production, with a choice of 3D printed titanium or premium quality carbon laminate.
    This is the same methodology we use to customise the bikes of professional athletes in the World Tour teams we sponsor. Scanning and production will take place in specialist Wilier Triestina centres equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation.

    If you want to achieve aerodynamic excellence with your Supersonica SLR, make an appointment by contacting your Wilier dealer. You can talk to our engineers and work together to define the way to optimise your time trial performance.

    The price of the package includes:
    - Engineering consultancy
    - Biomechanical analysis
    - Scanning of your forearms at our specialised centre
    - Custom manufacturing of the carbon or titanium aero extensions for your Supersonica SLR
    - The delivery of the aero extensions at the authorised dealer

    The costs incurred to reach the Wilier Triestina laboratories are not included in this package.

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