Personalize your bike: choose among an infinity of color combinations.

We are all meant to be unique and different. When looked at as the extension of the human body and its spirit, a bike reveals itself even through shapes and colors. 

Creativity is an ever-evolving process, the pursuit of one's identity. And identity speaks. It tells of who we are, where we come from, what our aim is and, most of all, how we intend to achieve our goal. To get there, you have style and a blank sheet. 
No limits or boundaries. Think, create, change. 

Infinitamente is the pallet from which you can choose the colors to design the masterpiece: your next Wilier bike. Here imagination is but the first step toward creation.

2. Limitless creativity

The new configurator provides a real and complete picture of the bike from every angle. In addition to the graphics, you can also personalize the drivetrain and wheels. Features and combinations converge to give life to unlimited configurations. The first step of a long journey.

1. Choose the finish

Three color ranges - Glitter, Sparkling Glass, Flat - form the chromatic catalogue and the processing technique. Enhance every nuance and be seduced by the reflections of the flat or sparkling protective coating.

3. Unique code

Infinitamente generates an alphanumeric code that identifies the project's every specification. Go to the reserved area, save your creation and, within seconds, provide the authorized dealer with all the details of your Wilier bike.

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