Cento1 Hybrid

Cento1 Hybrid

Redefines the limits

Starting from 4.900,00 €
Filante Hybrid

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Redefines the limits

The Cento1 Hybrid was designed to re-imagine the traditional limits of usability of a high-level racing bike: a product that combines the special distinctive traits of Wilier Triestina products with the cutting-edge intelligence MAHLE 35+. The result is a true racing bike with pedal assistance which weighs just 11,9 kilograms - a record in the e-road category.
Redefines the limits
Redefines the limits

The lightweight and competitive pedal-assisted racing bicycle

One of the most important aspects for us was to achieve a record weight: we have succeeded in creating a racing bike with pedal assistance that weighs less than 12 kg. A lightweight monocoque carbon frame, high-quality mechanical components and an Mahle servo-assistance system, with a total weight (motor, battery and controls) of 3.7 KG, the lightest solution on the market.

German Excellence

Our Mahle division has partnered with automotive technology supply leader Mahle to develop and manufacture some of the lightest and best integrated pedal assist systems on the market.


C/C (cm) 37.540.544.547.551.5
L (cm) 50.552.554.456.157.8
H (cm) 4346505357
A (°) 7574.57473.573
L1 (cm) 40.640.640.84141.1
H1 (cm) 10.412.114.516.618.5
A1 (°) 70.57171.57272.5
Reach (mm) 365376383390395
Stack (mm) 515532555576595
Wheelbase (mm) 97798599510021013
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Setup & Prices

Code Drivetrain Model Wheelset Price
E1095H0 SHIMANO 105 2X11 + MAHLE X35+ WILIER HY-NDR28AC 4.900,00 €
Drive system: 40Nm
Electric system: MAHLE EBIKEMOTION X35+
Battery: 250Wh, 36V, ANT+ CONNECTIVITY
Display: iWOC
Rear shox: FSA OMEGA
Headset: RITCHEY PRD15862
Shifters: SHIMANO 105 ST-R7020
Brakes: SHIMANO 105 BR-R7070
Rotors: SHIMANO SM-RT66 6 BOLTS 160 mm / 160 mm
Front derailleur: SHIMANO 105 FD-R7000
Rear derailleur: SHIMANO 105 RD-R7000-SS
Crankset: SHIMANO 105 FC-R7000 50-34T
Bottom bracket: SHIMANO PRESSFIT SM-BB71-41
Cassette: SHIMANO 105 CS-R7000 11-30T
Chain: SHIMANO CN-HG600-11
Frame weight: 1420 g +/- 5%
Fork weight: 400 g +/- 5%

The prices, specifications and photos shown in this catalog are not subject to any contractual obligation and may change during the season.


  • Does the electric assistance system need to be inspected periodically?
    The electric system does not require any special maintenance. However, Wilier Triestina strongly recommends a maintenance service and check after around 25 full charge cycles or every 12 months at an official Wilier Triestina dealer, in order to ensure that maximum pedaling efficiency is maintained over time.

  • How are any faults or anomalies that occur signalled?
    The backlit controller located on the top tube starts flashing pink if a fault or anomaly occurs. At the same time, a red warning triangle indicating a fault/anomaly will also appear in the Ebikemotion app.

  • Is there a diagnostic tool?
    Yes, the Ebikemotion app offers basic diagnostic features. Wilier Triestina's authorized dealers have available in shop an advanced diagnostic tool.

  • Who can I contact if I have questions about the pedal assistance system?
    Visit the Wilier Triestina dealer from which the bicycle was purchased, or fill in the contact form at https://www.wilier.com/en/contacts. If you do not know where your nearest Wilier Triestina dealer is located, you can click here https://www.wilier.com/en/dealer-locator to find it.
  • Where can I find the User Manual?
    Where can I find the User Manual? An introductory paper-based guide is delivered together with the Cento1 Hybrid at the time of sale.

  • What is the maximum speed that can be achieved in assisted mode?
    The maximum speed that can be reached with the assistance of the motor is 25 km/h

  • How much does the pedal assistance system weigh in total?
    The assistance system weighs 3.7 kg, including the battery and the electric motor. The lightest on the market.

  • How much autonomy does the Cento1 Hybrid offer?
    The guaranteed autonomy varies in accordance with a range of factors: from your riding style, bodyweight and pedaling capacity to the level of assistance set and the route gradient. Following our tests, we can confirm that it is possible to climb between 1000m and 2000m depending on the difficulty of the road surface; when riding uphill, the battery can work uninterrupted for more than an hour and a half.

  • How many levels of assistance does the Cento1 Hybrid offer?
    There are three different levels of assistance, each of which can be adjusted according to requirements using the eBikemotion app (once the app is paired with the bike, go to Settings> Motor settings).

  • Is it possible to check the level of charge in the battery?
    Yes, you can see the approximate battery level by checking the iWoc indicator light in the top tube of the frame. The key to the various colours of the lights can be found in the information leaflet supplied with the Cento1 Hybrid. If you want to know the exact charge level of the battery, you can connect to the Ebikemotion app and read the value indicated.

  • Is it possible to use the Cento1 Hybrid without the battery?
    We advise to do not remove the battery, however you can ride Cento1 Hybrid as a traditional bicycle with the Off mode.

  • How long can I leave the battery before I need to charge it?
    If the bike is not used for a long time, we recommend charging the battery to at least 60% before leaving it. If the charge level is lower than 20% after 6 months, we recommend charging it again to at least 60%.

  • Do I have to wait until the battery is completely flat before recharging it?
    No, the lithium battery fitted on the Cento1 Hybrid can be charged at any time, as it does not suffer from the so-called memory effect.

  • Can I use the Cento1 Hybrid in the rain?
    Of course, the equipment is waterproof.The System is IP54 certified. i.e. it is protected against the ingress of dust and totally protected against solid objects and splashing water from any angle. However, jets of water may affect proper operation of the product.

  • How many recharges can I do with Cento1 Hybrid?
    The guaranteed number of recharges is 500 times. After that, recharges will decrease to approximately 60% of the initial capacity. Over 500 recharges, battery capacity will gradually decrease.

  • Can I change the cassette?
    Yes, you can replace the cassette with a new one having the same dimensions. Pay attention to place the original closing sprocket that you received otherwise the system will not work.

  • Is it possible to increase the autonomy of the Cento1 Hybrid?
    Yes, by installing a second optional bottle-shaped battery on the seat tube of the Cento1 Hybrid. The total autonomy achievable will be equal to 460Wh.

  • How can I clean the Cento1 Hybrid?
    The Cento1 Hybrid can be cleaned in the same way as all other racing bikes. The bicycle should not be washed with a high pressure water jet or hose, as water may seep into the communication port above the bottom bracket. We recommend cleaning the Cento1 Hybrid using soft cloths and neutral soap, and drying it fully before use.

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