Filante SLR

Filante SLR

Personalize your Filante SLR: choose among an infinity of color combinations


With different color pallets available, simply choose your favorite!


Colors Glitter

The distinctive sign of this finish is undoubtedly the diffractive effect generated by the magnesium fluoride and aluminum pigments inserted in the paint surfaces. 
The glittered frame, depending on how it receives the light, gives to eyes the typical effect of the shine and brilliance of precious stones.

Colors Sparkling Glass

Type of painting process coming from the automotive world. The color base is a silver layer (sprayed with a very laborious painting process) which gives depth and transparency to the frame at the same time. 
The color painted on the silver base can be finished with a layer of glossy or matt/satin protection. 

Colors Flat

A layer of acrylic paint over the frame and protected by a transparent matt or glossy finish. 
The color has no particular effects of depth or reflections but it is the most used in the bike industry because the surface is very resistant and robust.